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Vining Blackberries

All blackberries are self-pollinating.

Black Satin (Thornless): Self-Pollinating. Large, firm 1 1/2” to 2” glossy black berries with a delicious sweet flavor. Excellent quality for jams, jelly, pies and eating fresh. Good keeper. Semi-erect vines do not sucker, are highly productive and resistant to disease.
Boysenberry (Thornless): Self-Pollinating. Extremely large, almost seedless, juicy, sweet berries. The dark maroon fruits are soft, very juicy, with a rich tangy flavor and delightful aroma. Excellent for eating fresh, making juice, freezing, canning, baked goods and preserves.
Loganberry (Thornless): Self-Pollinating. Large, light red berries that do not darken when ripe. Unique, tart flavor that is highly prized; many people prefer its flavor over all others. Makes excellent wine, jam, jelly&pie. Thought to be a wild cross between a blackberry and a red raspberry.
Marion Blackberry: Self-Pollinating. Large, long, shiny black fruit of distinctive true blackberry flavor. For fresh use, jam, jelly or freezing. Developed for Western Oregon and Washington. Leading commercial and home variety. Upright, vigorous, grower. Heavy bearer.
Sylvan: Self-Pollinating. Large, shiny black fruit. Cross between Marionberry and Boysenberry. Mild, very sweet flavor. Very high quality fruit similar to marionberry. Vigorous, highly productive. Disease and drought resistant.