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Blueberries produce more berries if pollinated by another variety. Blueberries like acid soil.

Berkeley: Requires Pollinator. Ripens late mid-season. An excellent dual purpose plant that produces big clusters of firm berries. Excellent fresh and for cooking. In addition, the plant makes a handsome hedge or shrub border with it’s bronze new foliage that turns dark green then yellow and scarlet in fall. Needs acid soil.
Bluecrop: Requires Pollinator. Ripens mid-summer. Large to very large, firm, bright light blue berries. Excellent for fresh eating, cooking, preserves, baking and freezing. Like Berkeley, makes a beautiful hedge or border, with new bronze foliage that turns dark green followed by yellow and scarlet in fall. Needs acid soil, moderate moisture and good drainage.
Blueray: Requires Pollinator. Ripens early to mid-season. Bush bears a heavy crop of very large, dark blue, firm, crisp, very sweet, slightly tart berries, a good home garden variety. Excellent for fresh use, pies and other baking and freezing.
Brigitta: Requires Pollinator. Ripens late season. A new Australian hybrid that is extremely easy to grow in the Pacific Northwest. The fruit is large, light blue, and firm with a crisp texture. A high quality berry, the flavor is sweet with a slightly tart undertone. A long shelf life assures that the fruit will keep in the refrigerator for at least one month. The plant is slightly spreading with dark green foliage.
Chandler: Requires Pollinator. Ripens mid-to-late season. Fruit the size of cherries and delicious in flavor. One of the largest in the world. Long ripening season providing a bounty of fresh fruit for over six weeks. Bush is vigorous with large, dark green foliage and a slightly spreading habit 5’ to 6’.
Darrow: Requires Pollinator. Ripens late season. One of the largest berries of all blueberry cultivars with some fruit actually reaching half-dollar size. The fruit is slightly flat, light blue, with a delightful robust- flavor. Bush reaches 5’ to 6’ at maturity. The “blue ribbon” sized berries are well worth every gardener’s effort.
Duke: Requires Pollinator. Ripens early season. Medium to large, firm, light blue berries of excellent quality and superior flavor. Bush vigorous and very productive.
Earliblue: Requires Pollinator. Ripens early. Berries are large, light blue, very firm, with a mild sweet flavor. The bush is upright, well-shaped and hardy. The berries do not drop, and when ripe have excellent dessert qualities. A good home garden variety.
Jersey: Requires Pollinator. Ripens late season. One of the oldest and most widely grown of all varieties. Jersey is a favorite for home gardeners wanting an easy to grow, heavy producing late season variety. This bush grows quite large, often reaching 7’ at maturity. The dark blue, small-to-medium sized fruit is very sweet and a favorite for baking.
Toro: Requires Pollinator. Ripens mid-season. Striking, full, heavy clusters of giant sky blue fruit. Named for it’s stocky, compact bush habit. Flowers turn from hot pink to bright white and contrast nicely with the bronze colored spring foliage. Deep green summer foliage turns to the brightest of red in fall.