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Grandall Black (Black): Self-Pollinating. Ripens in July. Large black currants with a sweet-tart flavor, borne in clusters. Excellent for jam, syrup, and juice. Contains five times the Vitamin C of oranges. Bush is upright, fast growing, productive and has showy yellow flowers with delightful fragrance.
Primus: Self-Pollinating. White currant. Sweetest fruit of all currants. Compact bush bearing long fruit clusters. Bears up to 20 lbs of fruit per bush.
Red Lake: Self-Pollinating. Ripens in July. Large scarlet berries in long, well-filled clusters. Nothing tastes better on toast for breakfast than clear, sparkling bright red currant jelly. Red Lake is one of the best. Extremely hardy, easy-to-grow upright bush.
White Imperial: Self-Pollinating. Ripens mid-July. White currant similar in size to red currants. White translucent fruit with pink blush. Richest and sweetest flavor of all currants.
Wilder Red: Self-Pollinating. Extra large, bright red fruits in large hanging clusters. Very flavorful, one of the best varieties for clear red currant jelly. The upright bush is a very reliable bearer and is extremely hardy.


All gooseberries are self-pollinating.
Captivator: Self-Pollinating. Very large, sweet, teardrop-shaped berries; green when immature, pink to full red when ripe. Bush is large, open, disease resistant and very hardy.
Jostaberry: Self-Pollinating. Has mild flavor; good for use in jams and juice as well as eaten fresh. Thornless plant that grows a vigorous 5 feet by second year.
Oregon Champion: Self-Pollinating. Medium size green fruits grow on a vigorous upright bush. Great for pies, jellies, jam, and preserves. This variety from Oregon is well suited to Pacific Northwest gardens.
Poorman: Self-Pollinating. Oval to somewhat pear-shaped 1² berries are green, but turn wine red with lilac colored bloom when ripe. The largest of any American variety. Aromatic, sweet berry eaten fresh or in pies or jam. Bush is highly productive, hardy and disease resistant.
Welcome: Self-Pollinating. Medium to large, light green fruits with few spines turn pinkish red when fully ripe. Rich, juicy, pink flesh with a sweet-tart flavor. Extremely productive, practically thornless bush.