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Seedless Grapes

All grapes are self-pollinating.

Canadice (Red): Self-Pollinating. Large, showy clusters of medium size, red-violet grapes. Sweet fruity flavor has won many taste tests. Highly productive vine, resistant to black rot.
Concord (Blue): Self-Pollinating. Ripens in September. Seedless sport of Concord, bearing slightly smaller clusters and fruit than regular Concord, with an occasional seed. Same color and flavor, but better and sweeter, and highly regarded for use as pie grape, eating fresh, juice, jam, and jelly. Vigor and productivity improve as the vine becomes established.
Glenora (Black): Self-Pollinating. Large, loose clusters of medium size blue-black seedless grapes with thin skin and sweet, spicy, fine-textured, highly flavored flesh. This superior grape is produced abundantly on a vigorous vine that is mildew resistant. Ripens in late September-October.
Himrod (White): Self-Pollinating. Ripens in mid-season. One of the finest seedless grapes! Large, loose clusters of medium size oval, sweet yellow grapes with excellent flavor. Vine is very hardy.
Interlaken: Self-Pollinating. Ripens in September. Amber colored, seedless grapes are crisp and sweet. Very high quality. . Excellent fresh and in salads. Vigorous, disease resistant vines. Outstanding variety for Western Washington.
Lakemont (White): Self-Pollinating. Has largest, tightest cluster of any seedless grape. Fruit is crisp, juicy and sweet, making it a superior grape and excellent for raisins.
Suffolk (Red): Self-Pollinating. One of the newer, very hardy seedless grape varieties. Fruits are purple-red in medium size loose clusters. The flavor is sweet and juicy and the fruits are of excellent quality, firm and crisp. Outstanding for fresh use.

Seeded Table Grapes

All grapes are self pollinating.
Campbell's Early (Island Belle) (Blue): Self-Pollinating. Ripens before Concord. Skin is smooth and plant produces a heavy crop. Excellent for juice. Very similar to Concord, but better suited to Puget Sound climate.
Catawba (Red): Self-Pollinating. Ripens two weeks after Concord .A very hardy grape, Catawba Red is a medium size, seedless coppery red berry. Clusters on the bush are medium to large and well formed. Full, sweet flavored; excellent table grape, well prized in jams and jellies; can be used for wine and champagne.
Niagara (White): Self-Pollinating. Huge, thick-skinned, light green, slip-skin fruit, produced in large, compact clusters. Tangy but delicate flavor, somewhat sprightly. Top eating variety; makes distinctive white wine. Bears a heavy crop. Hardy to -15° F.