English Laurel: Thick, dense form with large leathery leaves. White flowers in May. Requires regular pruning to maintain shape. Better for sound barrier than conifers. Sun / part sun. Drought tolerant once established. H: 10-15' W: 6-9' Evergreen.

Arborvitae: Tall, narrow conifer with uniform habit and dense glossy green foliage. Does not require pruning, but can be topped at desired height. Great for limited space. Sun / part shade. H: 25' W: 3-4' . Evergreen.

Hicksii Yew: Columnar in habit with tiny dark green leaves. Prunes well for a formal hedge. Tolerates many soils. Sun or shade. H: 20' W 8'. Evergreen.

Boxwood: Many different varieties of boxwood to fit any hedge requirement. Mostly compact growth with dense, small, glossy green foliage. Pruning optional, depending on formality. Sun / part shade. Likes fertile, well-drained soil. H & W vary depending on variety. Evergreen.

Leyland Cypress: Dense, tapering conifer with flat sprays of poihnted, gark green leaves. Known for its fast-growing, vigorous habit, makes an excellent hedge. Requires frequent pruning (3 times a year) to keep it to desired shape. Grows 3-4' per year in height, W: 16'. Evergreen.

Boxleaf Euonymous: Green or variegated types with characteristic rounded form. requires little or no pruning. Sun / part shade. Drought tolerante once established. H: 18-24" W: 24-30". Evergreen.

Firepower Nandina: One of the best coloring nandinas. Brilliant crimson fall-throughout winter foliage. Neat mounds are great for borders. Requires no pruning. Full sun. H: 30" W: 30" Evergreen.

Portugese Laurel: Dense, bushy shrub with red-stalked, glossy green leaves. Fragrant white flowers in early summer, followed by red fruit. Red-stemmed new-growth. Sun / part shade. Requires pruning to keep shape, H: 20-30' W:10-12'. Evergreen.

Mexican Orange: Compact habit with dark green, aromatic leaves with fragrant white flowers in late spring. Requires minimal pruning. Sun / part sun. H: 6-8' W: 6-8'. Evergreen.

Pyracantha: Thick, spiny shrub with small, dark green leaves. Useful as both hedge and barrier (sharp spines). Bears creamy white flowers in early summer followed by profuse red (or orange) berries in fall. Sun / shade. Best pruned twice a year for formal hedge, spring and summer. Evergreen.

Davidii Viburnum: Showy, mounding shrub valued for its glossy, dark green, deeply veined leaves. White spring flowers are followed by blue fruits. Sun / shade. H:3-5' W: 3-5'. Evergreen.

Boxleaf Honeysuckle: Dense shrub with small, glossy green leaves. Fast-growing, should be trimmed hard several time each summer to avoid wild growth. tubular white flowers in spring followed by purple berries. H: 11' W: 10'. Evergreen.

Japanese Hollly: Small, shiny leaves and dense habit similar to English Boxwood. Requires some summer pruning. Sun/ part sun / shade. Drought tolerant once established. H: 3-4' W: 3-4'. Evergreen.

Otto Luyken Laurel: Lush growing shrub with abundant showy white flower spikes followed by small black fruit. Excellent broad, low hedge. Sun / part sun. H: 3' W: 6'. Evergreen.