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Nut Varieties

Theta Filbert: Does not require pollinator. Long bloom period. Produces good crops of delicious, richly flavored, medium-size nuts. Height 10 to 12 feet. Immune to the blight.
Yamhill Filbert: Long bloom period. Early harvest. This latest OSU release is very productive. It is blight immune and also produces early ripening, very tasty nuts. More insect resistant than common hazelnut trees. It is a short, spreading tree.
Hall's Hardy Almond: Partially Self-Pollinating. Heavier crop with another almond tree nearby. Grows rapidly to 15'-20' with a profusion of pale pink flowers in the spring. Blooms late for an almond, allowing for a better nut-set. Ripens in October. Heavy bearer of large nuts with hard shells and bittersweet kernels. Hardier than paper shell commercial varieties.
Texas Mission Almond: Partially Self-Pollinating. The beautiful white and pink flowers bud late in the year. October harvest. Medium size, hard shell. Kernel is white, short, plump and sweet. Relatively hardy and historically heavy bearer. Mature height is 15-20 feet with a spread of 15-20 feet.
Cascade English Walnut: Partially Self-Pollinating. Mid-Spring bloom period. Ripens late September-mid October. Large, excellent quality nuts with great flavor. Fast growing, large tree.