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Peach Varieties

All peach varieties are self-pollinating, but benefit from a second variety.

Frost Dwarf: No pollinator required. Early spring bloom period. Harvest in mid August. Medium to large freestone fruit of excellent quality and flavor. Golden yellow flesh. Good for fresh eating or desserts and canning. Heavy producer. Outstanding peach leaf curl resistance. Requires 700 hours of chilling. Originated in the Puget Sound region.
Reliance Semi-Dwarf: No pollinator required. An abundance of pink flowers in early Sparing. Ripens in early August. Known for its hardiness. Medium-size, golden freestone fruits with a red blush. Reliance holds up well during processing, making it a favorite for canning. Peach leaf curl, brown rot, peach scab and peach tree borer can be a problem. The tree is vigorous and fast growing.
Saturn Dwarf: No pollinator required. Mid-Spring bloom period. Ripens in late July. Distinctive flat peaches that taste great. Also known as a “doughnut peach,” this uniquely shaped freestone fruit opens up to tender, white flesh with a mild, sweet flavor. Trees bear heavy crops of peaches that measure 2¼-2¾" in diameter. Ripens in late July. The tree is vigorous, spreading, and resistant to bacterial leaf spot.

Apricot Varieties

Puget Gold Semi-Dwarf: No pollinator required. Blooms in early March and the fruit ripens in early August. Medium size, round, clear yellow fruits with an orange-red blush. Flesh is firm, sweet, highly flavored and readily separates from the pit. Fruit remains on the tree until mature. Crack-resistant fruit. Developed in the Puget Sound area.
Wenatchee Moorpark Dwarf: No pollinator required. Bloom period is early April. Ripens in early August. Large, oval fruit with yellow skin and flesh. Good flavor, excellent fresh, dried, or canned. Tree is a heavy bearer.

Nectarine Varieties

Flavortop Dwarf: No pollinator required. Mid-Spring bloom period. Mid-Summer harvest. Medium to large, egg-shaped fruit; mostly red over a bright yellow background. Firm, smooth textured, yellow, freestone flesh of excellent quality. Vigorous and productive tree with large showy blossoms.
Harko Dwarf: No pollinator required. Mid to late bloom period. July harvest. Small to medium. Semi-freestone. Yellow skin with heavy red blush; firm yellow flesh. Excellent flavor. Early. Cold-hardy, disease-resistant variety from Canada. Large, showy pink flowers. Tolerant of bacterial spot and brown rot.