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All strawberries are self-pollinating.

June Crop Strawberries

June Crop Strawberries are the choice of berry producers. They start producing in June and bear very heavily for 3-4 weeks. Fruit is large and flavorful. They out-produce ever-bearers, giving lots of fruit and several pickings over a short period of time. This makes preserving and freezing easier, as all of the work can be done at once.
Earliglo: Self-Pollinating. Ripens early. Medium to large symmetrical, conic fruit. Glossy, deep red skin with uniformly deep red flesh that is very sweet and has an exceptional flavor. Vigorous, productive plants has many runners. Disease resistant.
Firecracker: Self-Pollinating. Ripens late around the 4th of July. Medium to large berries that is red through and through. Very sweet and highly flavored.
Hood: Self-Pollinating. Early bearing crop of large, attractive, bright red fruits with a fine sweet flavor. Excellent fruit quality. Vigorous, very productive, erect plants make picking easy. Great for preserves and freezes well. Resistant to red stele and mildew.
Puget Reliance: Self-Pollinating. A vigorous grower, producing a high yield of softer, juicy berries. Similar to the Hood variety. Excellent disease resistance. Developed by Washington State University.
Rainier: Self-Pollinating. Fruit is very large and firm with good uniform color and fine flavor. Ripens in late spring. Resistant to virus, root rot and mildew. Excellent for fresh use, freezing and preserves. One of the best strawberries west of the Cascades.
Shuksan: Self-Pollinating. Large fruit with a bright attractive appearance. One of the best for freezing, preserves and for fresh eating. Most cold hardy variety is particularly well suited to the Pacific Northwest. Will tolerate alkaline soils. Doesn’t demand perfect drainage. Vigorous, low-growing variety is disease resistant.
Totem: Self-Pollinating. Ripens early. Very productive plants with juicy, flavorful fruit of excellent quality. This variety holds its berries up off the ground, so fruit rot is almost never a problem. Resistant to red stele and virus. Does very well in the Pacific Northwest.

Ever-bearing Strawberries

Ever-bearing Strawberries Start bearing in July and continue bearing until frost comes in fall. They produce less fruit at one time but give you the opportunity to pick fresh berries frequently for several months every year.
Diamante: Self-Pollinating. Very large fruit size. Exceptional fresh fruit quality and excellent flavor . Very compact, erect form facilitates higher plant densities and easier harvest.
Eversweet: Self-Pollinating. Long conical fruit and bears well all summer and into fall. Noted for it’s excellent flavor!! Heat tolerant.
Quinalt: Self-Pollinating. Largest and sweetest fruit of all the ever-bearing types. Tender flesh is bright red. Probably the most disease resistant ever-bearer. High yielding, sends out runners prolifically. Good for desserts, preserves and eating fresh.
Selva: Self-Pollinating. Ripens and bears fruit effectively through summer and early fall. Plants produce large, firm fruit with excellent flavor. Plants are vigorous and will runner prolifically. Consistently heavy producer. Berries hold up well under wet conditions.
Tribute: Self-Pollinating. Medium to large, bright red berries with firm light to medium red flesh. Pleasant flavor and one of the best for fresh eating. Good processing quality. Medium size plant; quite vigorous. Resistant to red stele, powdery mildew, leaf blight and leaf scorch. Well adapted to the Pacific Northwest. Favorite among commercial growers and home gardeners.
Tri Star: Self-Pollinating. Medium-large, firm fruit with wonderful flavor and good color. This hardy variety bears well the first year and is resistant to stele and mildew. Excellent for fresh eating and freezing. Runners will flower and bear fruit before rooting, making it a good variety for hanging baskets.