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Wine Grapes

All grapes are self-pollinating.

We offer these grapes to the hobbyist, but must warn the Northwest may not provide enough heat to ripen for wine production. Are you up to the challenge?

Aurore: Self-Pollinating. Ripens early. Coming from France, these grapes produce long slender clusters of white fruit with a slightly pink blush. Tender, adherent skin; very sweet flesh. Delicious for fresh eating or juice makes an excellent, delicate, light, white table wine. Vine is vigorous, one of the most productive. Resistant to downy and powdery mildew. Now the leading white wine grape for short season areas.
Chardonnay: Self-Pollinating. Ripens early to mid-season. Coming from France, Chardonnay grapes are an excellent white grape for use in Chablis to Burgundy dry white wines. Excellent for cooler regions. A very hardy grape!!
Merlot: Self-Pollinating. Ripens mid-season. European variety. Medium size, round, deep black fruit. Produces large yields of quality, rich, red wine often blended with Cabernet.
Pinot Blanc: Self-Pollinating. Ripens mid-season. Large compact cluster of round berries. Leaf structure, clusters, and berries resemble chardonnay. Vines are productive with moderate vigor. Disease resistant.
Pinot Gris: Self-Pollinating. Ripens early. Sweet maroon-skinned grapes make a crisply acid, honey colored, richly flavored wine. Known as “the salmon wine” because of the unforgettable taste created when combined with salmon. An excellent variety for Northwest wine makers.
Pinot Nior: Self-Pollinating. Ripens early. Small, blue grape from Burgundy, France, which requires special care, but is well worth the effort. Awards a dry, tasteful pinkish red wine. Does well in cool regions.
White Riesling: Self-Pollinating. Small to medium, round greenish yellow speckled fruits. Aromatic, lively flavor. Makes a classic, flowery, semisweet to sweet white wine. Ripens late. Requires 100 hours of chilling. One of the hardiest white wine grapes for cool regions. Most consistent of the white wine varieties.
Zinfandel: Self-Pollinating. Medium size, round, juicy, reddish black fruit. Used to make fruity red wines. Moderately vigorous; very productive. Heavy bearing. Ripens during August.